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Here at Reeve Spray booths we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality spray booths at affordable prices. We have been building and fitting spray booths and smart repair booths since 1986. In that time, we have been supplying quality refurbished spray booths nationwide, from local small businesses to mainstream dealerships. And since 2010 we have been making and building our own brand new booths.

Our superb new range starts with our Smart repair booths at £8,000 and ranges up to the top spec at £27,499. The installation of a new booth takes approximately 3 days, including input and extract ducting through the roof/wall of the building and extract and input filters in place.  

We are also offering our booths as an X-Works package, prices starting from £12,500 click here for further information.

We also buy and sell a range of top quality second hand spray booths, from standard size spray booths to commercial & Industrial size spray booths. The spray booths are steam cleaned and, if so, repaired before being sold on. Contact us for quotes for any spray booths we have in stock and we hope you enjoy browsing our available booths.




The standard height for our spray booths is 2.7 meters internal. 

This allows you to easily fit any car inside and leaves plenty of room even with 4x4 vehicles. Most other companies offer 2.4 meters as standard, but with our spray booths it gives you the opportunity to be able to spray small vans which would not fit in 2.4 meter high booth.


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Light Commercial Vehicle


The light commercial vehicle height for our spray booths is 3 meters internal. With this height it allows you to spray big vans and other unique vehicles which need extra height. All our LCV spray booths can have the same extraction methods as our standard spray booths, so if your in need of more height our LCV range is what you want.



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Reduced Height


Our Reduced Height spray booths have an internal height of 2.4 meters, and our range includes our wheel box booths, full length booths and extract only smart repair booths. This is ideal for workshops with lower ceiling heights where one of our standard sized booths would not fit. All our RH spray booths can have the same extraction methods as our standard spray booths, so if your struggling for height our RH range is what you want.  


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The commercial spray booths are for vehicles or other objects that are extremely large. We can design equipment that is special to your industry and meet your unique specifications, we have multiple extraction methods to choose from. If you're looking for something on the larger side with the same quality performance a commercial spray booth is what you need.


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Our industrial spray booths are less for the automotive industry and more for other industries like; furniture, metal chroming, glass, carpentry etc. All booths completely designed around the customer. multiple extraction methods ​available




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If for any reason one of our standard sized booths may not fit into your workshop we do off a 

Bespoke spray booths build option. These can be installed to your specifications for almost any situation. We have 3 extraction methods; rear, side and pit and price will change depending on the extraction and size of the spray booths. 


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Enhancements & Extras

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We offer a range of enhancements and extras to accompany our booths, including our Paint Mixing Rooms,  Fast Air Drying System, NRG Plus energy saving mode and LED lighting upgrades. 


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