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If you are changing location and would like to take your equipment with you, we also move your spray booths. This will involve taking down the spray booth and re-installing it at your new location. At arrival onto your new site, where the building might be a different shape, extra ducting may be required to exit through the roof or wall. Dismantling the spray booth approximately takes just a single day, but this depends on the size and make of the booth. Building the spray booths back in its new location takes approximately 3 days.


If you are looking to sell your spray booth, we can buy them from you. We will come to your site, dismantle the booth and have it off your site in usually one day. Prices offered will determine on age, condition and usage of the spray booth.


Preventative maintenance is strongly recommended in order to provide the maximum return on the considerable investment made in spray booth oven capital equipment. 

If the equipment is not serviced correctly and at the correct intervals it’s working life will be significantly reduced.

It has been proven that Preventative Service Maintenance will help prevent equipment breakdowns, which will cause costly disruption to the production process, and highlight any issues that can be resolved before they lead to future reliability issues.

We recommend spray booth service intervals of 1,000 hours of equipment usage or annually, whichever is soonest. This may necessitate additional services on higher usage equipment.

Spray booth ovens (and Paint Mixing Rooms) are LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems and Under the HASAW Act, COSHH and LEV legislation the equipment should have a “Thorough Examination and Test” every fourteen months, as a minimum. We recommend this is carried out every twelve months as part of the service.

Recommended items to be carried out at Service visits:

A full service of the spray booth oven plant
Replacement of filters
LEV testing and certification (Required every fourteen months)
Air clearance testing (Annually)
Breathing air quality testing (Required every three months)
Replacement of compressed air filter regulator elements

Our recommended Preventative and Corrective Maintenance providers are Spray Booth Service & Filtration (SBSF) and you can contact them via their website by clicking on the following link: 


Preferential rates can be provided if you indicate that you have made contact via our company.