Refurbished Spray Booths

We sell a range top quality refurbished spray booths, from standard to commercial size spray booths. The booths are steam cleaned before being fitted, meaning there will be no dust circulating inside the booth giving you a better finish. The second-hand booths will perform just as well as the day it went in new, providing quality performance for amazing value. Depending on the size and make of the booth, installation can take as little as 2 days or up to 5 days.


Here is a example of a refurbished Dalby X Booth:


This is the condition the Dalby X booth was in when arriving to dismantle. Painted Blue on the outside and layers upon layers of overspray on the light glasses and panels inside the cabin.



The booth was taken away and steam cleaned to remove all of the paint inside the plant and ducting that was affecting the performance of the fans and other important equipment. The panels and lights are steam cleaned as well, to the original skin if possible.

It is at the customers discretion whether or not the booth is re-painted.    


For any enquiries about refurbished booths please contact us through our contact form or call: 0116 259 9555


*Note we currently do not have any refurbished booths in stock